A little about me

we're going to be fast friends. 



Not here to make friends? Skip to how I work. 


some fun facts


I'm still an avid katy perry fan. 

I know. It's been a hard past 5 years. There aren't many of us left. But at least we know that once I commit to something I stick with it, right? In 2016, I saw her wax figure in Vegas. A year and a half later, I had floor seats to see her in concert for the first time. Both were emotional experiences.


I'm known for having a signature dance move for every occasion.

The most notable of which is the dance I do when I'm waiting for my fries to come out at a restaurant. But after attending 7 weddings in the past year, I've built up quite a repertoire of other moves. 



Speaking of my love for fries... 

I made a website about it. And an Insta


I can never read just one book at once.

Here's what's on my nightstand right now:


My brandcenter class voted me most likely to become the next bachelorette.

Some people might take that as an insult. I take it to mean that I have enough personality to fill 22 hours of television. And if brand strategy doesn't work out, I could always have a lucrative career selling fitness products on Instagram.


How i work

where i started

As a child, I wanted to be a miner. With a pickaxe. Chiseling gems from the side of a cave. I learned everything I could about rocks & minerals, making up songs to help me remember the different types. I’m not sure when I realized that the seven dwarves’ lifestyle wasn’t for me, but I’m still a secret geology nerd. Ask me about the time I brought up rocks on a first date (spoiler: it didn’t go well).

The silent years

Fast forward to college, and writing became my thing. I got a degree in writing & rhetoric from JMU and became a copyeditor after graduation. But I realized something about writing and editing. It involves a lot of sitting quietly. And nothing about me is quiet. 

Now what?

I see brand strategy as a little bit of my miner side and a little bit of my writer side merged into one. In every project, I look for ways to combine my tendency to dive deeply into a weird subject with my ability to craft and communicate stories. Along the way I’ve also learned how to solve business problems, lead teams with very different types of people, manage client needs, and give persuasive presentations on topics ranging from Katy Perry to the state of the gender wage gap. 


but at its core, my process has remained the same: intense curiosity plus compelling storytelling.