scout bags

capstone project



their GROUP of loyal fans wasn't showing up to engage with them on social media.



I developed a marketing plan for Scout as my independent capstone project. I presented to the client on 4/18, and they began using some of my work later that afternoon. 


what they gave me

the ask

Develop a strategy for integrating video into Scout’s digital presence


current Positioning:

"Scout is a 'lifestyle brand offering colorful, highly functional products.'"


current communications strategy:

"Celebrate your stuff."



brand strategy

I kicked off the project with a whole lot of research.

10 interviews. A survey with 157 respondents. Countless articles. I needed to figure out who loved the Scout brand, why they loved it, and what they wanted out of a brand on social media.


then i reassessed the situation

Before I could figure out how to use video, I had to figure out why to use video. I mapped out the customer journey based off of the percentage of each of my survey respondents that fell in each category.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.29.24 PM.png

the takeaway

Scout wasn't converting people from awareness to engagement. Social media can help close that gap.

I learned a whole lot about lifestyle brands. 

The biggest issue is that everyone from McDonalds to the NFL is calling themselves a "lifestyle brand." Brands have lost sight of the fact that, to be a "lifestyle brand," you need to deeply connect with consumers' lifestyles. 

I boiled it down to 3 to-dos:

  • Recruit loyal advocates

  • Foster engagement between customers and the brand

  • Tell a powerful story that resonates beyond the products


the opportunity:

Create a lifestyle brand that connects with brand loyalists on an emotional level, enticing them to advocate for the brand.


I identified 4 key consumer insights.


And I made their position more specific. 

NEW POSITION: Scout combines style and durability to fit everywhere in a woman’s life. 


communications strategy

communications objective:

Move Scout from product-focused to people-focused.


Communications strategy:

Create everyday moments of celebration.


brand story:

Scout Deck2.001.jpeg

Social campaign:


How it works:

These little victories are happening every day in women’s lives. Women are proud to make them happen. Scout is proud to be there while they happen. Scout will invite women to share their experiences using the hashtag, and repost the best submissions. They can also develop video content using women's testimonials.


Here are some examples:

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.55.55 AM.png

an additional incentive...

This campaign will also include a giveaway, where customers who share their stories with the hashtag are entered to win a free bag. Winners will receive their free bag with an Instagrammable card, inviting them to share their experience with Scout once again. 


Why it works

By shifting to a people-focused content strategy, Scout will invite engagement and reach at least 13% of their potential audience in the first year.


Want more info? Check out the full deck here




Scout wasn't converting people from awareness to engagement. Their product-focused positioning and messaging wasn't engaging with their audience on an emotional level, so their audience didn't feel compelled to share their experiences. Scout was also describing itself as a "lifestyle brand," but it wasn't resonating with its audience's lifestyles.


Create a lifestyle brand that connects with brand loyalists on an emotional level, enticing them to advocate for the brand.


1. Scout bags can go everywhere the consumer goes, because of their unparalleled durability.

2. Some people feel like the Scout brand isn't for them, so they aren't engaging with the brand. 

3. Scout makes everyday tasks a little more personal.

4. Showcasing products isn't enough to create a passionate following. 


Move the brand from product-focused to people-focused.


Create everyday moments of celebration.